Bad Roads

Drama film about woman in the war. 4 novels connected by the place and time – Donbas road during the war. So we are driving and have to spontaneously stop near the food stall in a provincial front-line town, compulsory at the second-to-last front-line checkpoint, forcibly just in the field. The characters are Donbas residents and Ukrainian military men. They are staying at this place volunttarily and involuntarily. They perceive life fatally, the fatality isfelt in their movements, glances, actions and responses. All of them are probably doomed, so they can afford to break rules, as tomorrow might never come.

Genre: Drama
Running time: 80 min
Directed and written by: Natalia VOROZHBYT
Producers: Yurii Minzyanov, Dmytro Minzianov,
Camera : Volodymyr Ivanov
Виробництво : Kristi films supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation
Stage of production: Shooting period