Honourable Lviv lady

The film's heroine is a modern intellectual woman Penelope who lives in Lviv and works in archive. Penelope's life is compiled by familiar pattern: family – work. Everything

decent, cultural, polite and ... unbearable boring. However, one day all changes dramatically. A young doctor Dmitry Ostromirsky came to the archive on a business trip. Heroes fell in love leading to insane acts.

Genre: Erotic comedy
Audience: 16+
Running time: 25 min
Directed by: Nataliya Pasenytska
Production: Kristi films
Written by: Marina Mednikova, Lyuba Klimenko
Producer: Yuri Mіnzyanov
Budget: 995 000.00 UAH
Allocated Funding: 995 000.00 UAH from Ukrainian Film State Agency.