While Tamara, the 40-year-old woman artist, who is going through an existential crisis, tries to discover whether she has got rabies from a dog, that bit her on the street, the other woman comes to her house - the young mistress of her husband. Insult and frustration throw Tamara to fight her inner demons and her own artistic rabies while her husband is lost between the two worlds of powerful women

Genre: drama
Audience: 16+
Runing time: 21 min
Cast: Kateryna Kozak-Liubchyk, Roman Matsiyta, Eugenia Muc, Alla Nesterova
Directed and written by: Marysia Nikitiuk
Director of photography: Denys Lushchik
Music by: Mykyta Moiseev
Producers: Yurii Minzianov, Dmitrii Minzianov
Wiz-Art IFF, (Ukraine) 2016 - Official competition
46 th Molodist International Film Festival, (Ukraine) 2016 - National competition
Special award by National Dovzhenko Centre
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