Mia Donna goes to film distribution hire since April 11

Mia Donna  goes to film distribution hire since April 11

The National Center of Oleksandr Dovzhenko produces the sixth collection of Ukrainian short films "Ukrainian New Wave: Beautiful Twenty Years" in national cinema. 

The participant of this year's almanac was the tragicomedy by Pavlo Ostrikov, "Mia Donna", produced by Kristi Films. 

"The picture of" Mia Donna "- a story about how a woman treated her husband, as if to a child, and he eventually turned into her. 

I wanted to show that love over the years turns into maternal care, where there is no place for passion, "- told the director to the magazine "Moviegram". "BEAUTIFUL TWENTY" - collection of the best Ukrainian short film in 2018, awarded with prestigious Ukrainian and international festivals. All authors are young ambitious directors who set new trends in Ukrainian contemporary cinema and change their perceptions in the world. 

To the almanac included top strips of key genres - comedies, tragicomedies, drama, animation, documentary cinema, which united the motive of personal dilemma of the "little man". 

"For the third time, we become participants of the" Ukrainian New Wave ", but every time it is pleasant as the first, because your film will see a large audience in different cities. "Mia Donna" - about us and for us, so come to the premiere of the almanac on April 11! We are all waiting ", - said Ostrikov on his Facebook page. 

The premiere show "Mia Donna" will take place on April 11 in the cinema "Zhovten". We remind that since April 11, the Cinema Center "Kyiv Cinema" and the Cinema "October" will start appearances in the Kyiv cinemas, and from April 25 films will be available on the networks of "Kinopalats", Lviv (Lviv, Chernivtsi) and Planet Kino (Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv).