Kristi films shoots «Bad Roads» by Natalia Vorozhbyt's directorial debut

Kristi films shoots «Bad Roads» by Natalia Vorozhbyt's directorial debut

Kristi films is shooting the movie "Bad Roads", the directorial debut of screenwriter and playwrighter Natalia Vorozhbyt.

 The film is being produced with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, which has donated 11 million hryvnias for the screenplay of "Bad Roads", dedicated to the war in the Donbass.

 The author wrote it, collecting stories and testimonials from real people. Only four of the six short stories from Natalia Vorozhbyt's play are screened. These are not related stories about men and women. Their relationship is exacerbated by war, they perceive reality through the lens of psychological trauma. The heroes are residents of Donbass and the Ukrainian military, whose lives extend on both sides of the dividing line. They live in the present day to the face of military conflict, not knowing if tomorrow will come. But the movie is not about war. First of all, it's about a life that always wins.

 Natalia Vorozhbit reflected in these stories her personal vision of the war in the East. It is the author's reflection on dozens of interviews she had collected in the region of military conflict. “When I was asked to write a play about the Donbass, I decided to show all the emotions and feelings I experienced there. These are four stories about people traumatized by war”, - says the playwright. The play was first staged at the Royal Court Theater in October 2017 in London. At the same time, the movie script was written.

 Producer of the film Yurii Minzianov says that he had not previously planned to work on the subject of the war in the Donbass, considering it as the prerogative of documentaries. "Natalia and I have known each other for a long time. I read the text of the play one of the first before the production in Britain. And at some point, he decided to make a movie, leaving exactly the four novels that were united by the theme of the roads. So, I suggested that she write a screenplay and become a project director".