Donald and Ronald wander in Ukraine



Travel comedy series


25 minutes/8 episodes

Production company
Kristi Films
Viktor Butok
Oksana Grytsenko
Director of photography
Ilya Mikhaylus
Dmytro Minzyanov
Top cast
Rob Feldman
Oleg Karpenko
Maria Stopnyk
Dayana Kulbida

American blogger Ronald together with his friend Donald and Kyiv students Marichka and Katia are traveling around Ukraine in the car of the eccentric Uncle Kolia. On their way, they see Kyiv “witches”, the greatness of the Dniproges power plant, descendants of Makhno’s anarchists, Slavic pagans at the Stone Grave, an archaic ferry, and Odesa’s catacombs.

Their comic adventures often expose social problems, including a homeless man who lost his job because of the COVID-19 lockdown, IDPs from the Donbas who live in the abandoned city of Orbita, the post-Soviet stereotypes of Uncle Kolia and a Roma woman whom the main characters initially treat with prejudice. After surviving lots of adventures, both the Americans and Ukrainians fall in love with Ukraine, which is beautiful in its diversity.